Fishing 101

Fishing 101

1) No Charter Iinsurance (#1 Reason why they are cheaper. over 70% of the charters don't carry it. They have insurance on there boat but not for there customers. This insurance is not cheap and alot of charters elect to take a chance and not have it hoping they will not need it. I challange you to ask to see proof of commerical insurance if you decide to book with someone else before you board the boat. You would not drive a car if you knew the the did not have insurance would you? Why in the world would you go in the Gulf Of Mexico without it?)

2)* No Capt License (Yes,there are some out there, Highly illegal too)

3)* No Federal Fishing Permits (The Law requires you to have them without them you can have your fish taken away)

4) No deckhand (Deckhands make a world of difference and is a must have. Only Professional chartres use them)

5) Hidden cost (You pay extra to get your fish cleaned and bagged. & Gas at certain marinas is extremely high)

6) Lie(They tell you are 60 or more miles offshore when really they are only 25. Remember you paid for a Bluewater trip)

7) Small Boat less than 32ft (Boats smaller then 32 ft ride very ruff and don't have much fishing room.)

8) Really bad equipment old and outdated (Yep wore out reels that just don't work well.Lots of lost fish due to poor equip)

9) Part time and not very experience (Just charter to make a boat payment on the weekends)

10) Old Boat (Yep,some boats are older than dirt, meaning the break down alot more and are very slow)

11) Not a good Capt.and does not catch many fish (Well, its true... Some are just plain crummy fisherman)

12) Look at the pictures on there Website (that speaks for itself)

* Notes That it is Highly Illegal to Charter without them.

What to bring and what not to bring

Do's: Texas fishing license, cooler with drinks and snacks, beer, sunglasses, sun screen, hats, camera, ect.

Dont's: Spray on sunscreen, glass bottles, dark soled shoes, sunflower seeds, ect.